About Us

What are our solutions?

TutWiser is bringing modern perspectives to the field of personal education, that has been underdeveloped compared to the formal and established educational formulas.  We are moving towards having a fast, reliable and intuitive online environment, where anyone can carve their own path towards knowledge, certification and/or standardized exams. Helping you to find tutors/mentors and giving you tools to improve and optimize the learning process while also preventing the loss of valuable resources is what we are all about!

Our Vision

We have a vision that in our modern society every aspect of your life and path towards success must be simple and convenient. Our team is moving towards a future where education is as accessible as it can get. Today, TutWiser is a platform bringing that vision into reality. Both tutors who want to use their skills in a professionally designed environment and students who need support in their education will now have a place to connect and craft an effective cooperation.

In 2019

Our Journey has begun and you can be a part of it!


Mark Hovsepyan

Co-Founder & CEO

Hovhannes Stepanyan

Co-Founder & CTO/CBDO

Nairy Koulakezian

Co-Founder & Chief Designer

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